Holidays allow you to escape from your everyday pressures and responsibilities, and you can certainly do that in the Oberwiesenthal health resort. A variety of possibilities await you, whether cultural highlights or exciting trips, you can experience something different every day.


Der Fichtelberg © Mirko Ernst
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At 1,215 m, Fichtelberg is the highest mountain in eastern Germany. Around 750 m south west lies the Kleine Fichtelberg, along with the Keilberg on the Czech side of the border, and these heights form the most important winter sports centre in the Erzgebirge.


Der Keilberg © Mario Graupner
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Along with the Fichtelberg, the Keilberg, at 1,244 m is the highest peak in the Erzgebirge. A hike on the Keilberg is worth it every time, since you have a great view of the health resort of Oberwiesenthal and the magnificent natural landscape of the Erzgebirge.

Fichtelberg Suspension Railway

Die Fichtelberg-Schwebebahn © Mirko Ernst
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Built in 1924, making it the oldest suspension railway in Germany, is simultaneously the trademark of the city of Oberwiesenthal and the health resort and an important component of local tourism. Whether summer or winter, the suspension railway brings people looking for rest and relaxation up to the highest mountain in Saxony every day.

Fichtelberg Rail

Die Fichtelbergbahn © Mirko Ernst
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The romance of the rails is alive on Fichtelberg. You can enjoy the magnificent view between the health resort of Oberwiesenthal and Cranzahl, a distance of 17.35 km. You traverse 238 metres of elevation, 5 bridges and a viaduct on the route into the highest city in Germany, the Oberwiesenthal health resort.

Historical Postal Coach

Die Historische Postkutsche © Mirko Ernst
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A ride in the historical postal coach through the highest city in Germany–experience nature up close and get a new perspective on the city on Fichtelberg. A different kind of sightseeing–the 30-minute ride with the postal coach will take you through the centre of the Oberwiesenthal resort.