Historical Postal Coach

A ride in the historical postal coach through the highest city in Germany–experience nature up close and get a new perspective on the city on Fichtelberg. A different kind of sightseeing–the 30-minute ride with the postal coach will take you through the centre of the Oberwiesenthal resort.

Back then the postal coach still drove between Leipzig and Karlsbad, passing through the resort of Oberwiesenthal. After the war it disappeared until it was re-discovered in Vogtland and officially returned to the resort of Oberwiesenthal on May 7th, 1955. Since then it has been a tourist highlight for the city and is very popular among visitors. Who would have thought that this trip would be an attraction someday?

Die Historische Postkutsche © Mirko Ernst
Die Historische Postkutsche

Take a trip back in time and enjoy the breath-taking atmosphere on a ride through the area.

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Trip Times: 10:00 – 16:00 Uhr

Pentecos to Oktober:

Wednesday: Start Marketplace

Sunday: Start Base station for the suspension

On public holidays in Saxony:

Friday: Start Marketplace


Adults: 6,00 €

children: 3,00 €

Cancellations due to weather are not excluded! Special trips are possible on appointment!

Pferdefuhrgeschäft Christoph Kaufmann

Pferdefuhrgeschäft Christoph Kaufmann

Annaberger Straße 119

09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal

037348 22345