Preßnitztal Railway

This antiquarian rail line, built in 1990, regularly travels between Steinbach and Jöhstadt. Following the completion of extensive construction in 2000, the entire line, extending 8 km, has been in operation. The friendly railway employees will heartily welcome you to one of the historic rail cars. In the buffet car you can enjoy the trip with a nice cup of coffee. 

These steam-driven passenger trains run every weekend from the start of May through the end of October. You can find other travel dates and operational restrictions in the schedule. Special trips for groups, families or festivities can be arranged on request.

Die Preßnitztalbahn © Archiv IGP
Die Preßnitztalbahn

Railway schedule:

For additional information, contact:

Interessengemeinschaft Preßnitztalbahn e.V.

Interessengemeinschaft Preßnitztalbahn e.V.

Am Bahnhof 78

09477 Jöhstadt

037343 80807