Stage at Greifenstein

A visit to the outdoor stage at Greifenstein is a unique experience for the whole family. The little outdoor stage stands amid the enormous Greifenstein cliffs. This location, where today there are numerous events, concerts, theatrical performances and film showings, is the site of a former granite quarry. Today, there are still seven granite cliffs in heights of up to 732 m above sea level; 200 years ago 13 such cliffs were still standing.

Theatrical performances were first given here in 1846. In the years that followed, there were irregular performances. Starting in the 1930s, there were regular performances again. Today various pieces such as Winnetou, Robin Hood, Snow White or Knight Runkel are performed by the Eduard von Winterstein Theatre of Annaberg-Buchholz. The annual Country-Open-Air is also well-known.

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Die Greifensteine

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Greifenstein Bühne GmbH

Greifenstein Bühne GmbH

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