Biking and Mountain Biking

Once the sun has melted the snow away, the first rays of the sun bring the shoots in the forest to life again. Mysterious places with small cliffs and untouched mountain meadows invite you to dream and while the day away. Ideal for biking and mountain biking.

Mountainbiking in Oberwiesenthal © Mirko Ernst
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But bikers who need just a bit more excitement are not left out in the Fichtelberg-Klinovec region. Narrow, twisting, root-twined paths and sudden descents will entice you, as will the X-cross and downhill routes in Klinovec, the second “home mountain” of mountain bikers from Oberwiesenthal.

Due to the steepness of the Fichtelberg-Keilberg area, we recommend you wear suitable equipment at all times. Our friendly local providers will be glad to advise you.