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The area around Fichtelberg and Keilberg offers ideal conditions for bikers and mountain bikers. The border-crossing hike-and-bike trails Lukáš Bauer and Jens Weißflog are mountain bike-capable and lead through the widely varied landscape of the Fichtelberg. Signs are on both the German and Czech side.

The Zschopautal Bike Trail is one of the best-known biking routes in the Erzgebirge and with a length of 137 km it provides a multitude of scenic overlooks and sights to discover along the trail.

The Czech side with the Keilberg and Boži Dar, with a trail network extending 400 km, offers an adequate selection of trails for each difficulty for mountain bikers. Your bikes can be taken up the Keilberg free of charge on the chair lift.

You can find information about the tours in the Guest Information Centre in Boži Dar.

Infozentrum Boží Dar

Infozentrum Boží Dar

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362 62 Boží Dar

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The tour starts in the parking lot of the Sparkassen Ski Arena in Oberwiesenthal. From there, you ride your bike along the ski trail toward Relaxhotel Sachsenbaude. Then you cross Fichtelbergstraße and pass the Sachsenbaude in the direction of the forest until you reach Bundestraße 95. On the right side you will see the guest house Neues Haus. Continue along the Bundestraße across the border to the Czech Republic. On the right side you will see a currency exchange office where you can rest if you like. From there you ride on to the right across the Feldweg and follow the route to Boži Dar.

After you enter the village, you stay to the right and follow the street out of the village. You will pass fields and meadows before you reach the Hubertky forest. Follow the Forststraße and turn right in the direction of the border crossing at “Deutsches Gehau” and cross the border there. Then continue to the right to Börnerweg in the direction of Bächelhütte (Fichtelberg). Ride parallel to the street until you reach Bächelhütte and cross the street to the left once there and travel uphill along the Forstweg. Cross the paved roads and the follow the trail in the direction of the Sparkassen Ski Arena. Stay to the left to get back to your starting point.

Distance: 7,9 km
Difficulty: Medium

Rest stop options:

  • Mountain guest house Neues Haus
  • Relaxhotel Sachsenbaude
  • Guest house Daro in Boži Dar
  • Grünes Haus
  • Anton-Günther Pub


    The starting point for the tour is the parking lot of the Fichtelberg Sports Centre. From there you cross Vierenstraße in the direction of the Waldeck guest house. Turn right here and follow Ausrückenweg to the outdoor shelter. There turn left onto the forest trail and continue straight ahead to Hirschfalz. Cross Mittweida-Bach and follow the forest trail to Bächelhütte. Continue past it and ride parallel to the street until you reach Anton-Günther Weg. Turn left and continue over the border crossing on the hiking path above Tellerhäuser, continuing on the forest trail and follow the signs in the direction of Boži Dar. 

    Once you have entered the Boži Dar city limits, continue through the centre of town and bear to the left at the next turn in the road. Follow the street straight ahead over the meadow and along Myslivny Lake to the currency exchange office at the border. Continue along the main road and cross the border heading toward the mountain guest house Neues Haus.  Cross the B 95 and continue to the right downhill across the luge run in the direction of the Ahorn Hotel am Fichtelberg. Follow Karlsbader Straße down in the direction of the city centre to the Vierenstraße Crossing. Turn right into Vierenstraße and follow the street uphill to the Fichtelberg Sports Centre.

    Distance: 24.5 km
    Difficulty: Medium

    Rest stop options:

    • Sportbaude Waldeck
    • Apartment Hotel Jens Weißflog
    • Guest house Daro in Boži Dar
    • Mountain guest house Neues Haus
    • Grünes Haus
    • Anton-Günther pub

    Zschopautal Bike Trail

    The bike train is continuously marked with signs all along its 82 km length. It leads from the resort of Oberwiesenthal in the direction of Annaberg-Buchholz, Zschopau, Flöha, Mittweida, Waldheim to the vicinity of Döbeln. Various sites, magnificent scenic overlooks and rustic rest stops on the side of the trail await you.

    Distance: 137 km
    Difficulty: Mittel

    You can find additional information about the Zschopautal Bike Trail and maps from the Tourist Association of Erzgebirge e.V. at: 

    Mining Trail in Hammerunterwiesenthal

    The starting point is the train station in Hammerunterwiesenthal. The trail first leads up the mountain to the bike trail, and continues on in the direction of the road into Neudorf. After a few hundred metres you will cross it and reach the old lime works. Follow Bärenlohe uphill until you reach the peat works at Luxheide. At the crossing for Eisenbergstraße-Bierweg, it is worthwhile to take a side trip to Toaskabank–a scenic overlook on an imposing gneiss formation. Continue over a section of Bierweg and then Jordanweg into Luxbachtal. Passing the old shaft building, the trail will take you in the direction of the Niederschlag train station. From there the trail mostly follows the Fichtelberg rail line back to Hammerunterwiesenthal.

    Distance: 10 km
    Difficulty: leicht

    Rest stop options:

    • Guest house and bed and breakfast “An der Erzgebirgsbahn”
    • Guest house and bed and breakfast Rotes Haus
    • Guest house Reichel
    Ideales Gelände für Mountainbiker © Mirko Ernst
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    You can find the GPS data and other information about the tour here:

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