Have you ever just lain down in a meadow and watched birds enjoy the freedom of flight? No? Then you now have the unique chance to take in the beauty of Oberwiesenthal from above.

After the weather check and a thorough introduction at the starting point, you can already get started. You run a few steps with your tandem pilot, feel the sudden drop and sense of weightlessness and you are off into the sky. You feel light and push off against the ground slowly. You float without any motorised assistance, the wind in your face, high above Fichterlberg. After a minute you realise the tops of the spruce trees are under you and float with the help of the rising thermals in the direction of the valley.

Required pre-requisites

  • Maximum body weight of 100kg
  • Normal physical condition, normal physical fitness and endurance
  • Minimum age of 18 years (<18 years require the consent of a parent or legal guardian)

    How do you fly?

    For safety reasons a tandem flight is only possible under optimal conditions. We can only fly from the Fichtelberg if the wind is from the east and from the Klinovec if the wind is from the north. There needs to be an even wind of 10–25 km/h at the starting point. Furthermore, the weather must be clear–no rain or snow.

    Equipment and clothing

    • Ankle-high solid footwear
    • Weather-resistant, warm, robust leisure clothing
    •  Light gloves are recommended

      Duration of the tandem Paraglider flight

      Depending on the starting point and the weather conditions, 10–30 minutes. Basically, we cannot provide any guarantee of the length of your flight.


      • The coupon is valid for a tandem paraglider flight for one person.
      •  The equipment for a tandem flight, such as a helmet, paraglider and tandem harness will be provided.
      • The tandem pilot can cancel the flight at the last minute if the weather conditions at the starting point changes. Safety is our paramount concern!
      • Price: Starts at 50.00€

      If this has piqued your interest, contact Sascha Heym’s team.

      Following a precise analysis of the weather, a tandem paraglider flight date and meeting place can be arranged.

      Paragliding © Sascha Heym
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