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The Cuisine

of the Erzgebirge

Juicy, rich and simple, are how you can describe the cuisine Erzgebirge. Shaped by the economic situation, the cuisine at the time consisted mostly of dishes with simple ingredients such as potatoes, lentils or meat on the plate, which still makes its influence known in the kitchen.

Especially widespread are potato dishes, such as the potato puffers, popular among children. Whether sweet or savoury, the so-called “Klitscher” are on every menu. But the “Rauchermaad” (potato pancakes) belong to Erzgebirge cuisine. Popular side dishes include “grienen Klies” or potatoes in nearly every form (e.g. fried potatoes, jacket potatoes).

Traditional Stollen and the “Neinerlaa” are served on holidays, especially at Christmas. Preparation varies in every family. In any case, there are always nine different delicacies are served, e.g. Sauerkraut, dumplings, lentils.

Part of a good meal is always a good liqueur. The local herbal liqueurs don’t just help with the digestions after a juicy meal but are a popular gift for our guests.

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